Monday, November 01, 2010

in Chelsea with my daughter
we came across something
and I had no idea what to make
of it, whether to be amused
or to look deeper,
whether to laugh or cry.

I just shrugged,
taking a closer look,
and remained confused,
no, baffled

THIS is what I want to do,
said my girl,
eyes twinkling,
arms opening to the array
in a huge dramatic "voila"

and that's when I wanted to cry
not because of all of the paper
towel rolls, plastic containers,
cardboard, paper, carpet scraps
and other stuff I must continue
to save and find places to store
until she is called to make use
of these treasures,
but I wanted to cry
because of the unlikely places
she finds beauty and genius:
tears of wonder
for my gentle artist
who sees wonder in everyday
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