Friday, June 12, 2009

No kidding, this is the guy I found at Wegmans yesterday. When I first saw him, well, I really didn't see him, I saw the shirt, you know? I mean, what kind of a nut wears a shirt like this? I figured he was either just a fun-loving man with a strange sense of humor or he could be more seriously loco en la cabesa. Soon after spotting him I took a look at the bigger picture, at how others around him were reacting. It was very interesting, following at a distance, seeing people approach him, read the shirt while pretending not to read the shirt. Some glanced away quickly, not wanting to dignify him with a reaction. Others stared and looked as if to say "shame!" A few tried to supress a bit of a smile. Some rolled their eyes once they had passed him. It was so curious how guarded most held their reactions. Sure, the shirt was telling about him; but this experience was also telling about people whose paths crossed his. But it was telling, too, about me. What kind of a guy wears a shirt like this, but what kind of a middle-aged, middle-class person like me finds this whole thing so intriguing that she follows this guy, pays so much attention to the attention he is getting, then follows him out of the store to take his photo?

I seriously need a life.
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