Friday, June 05, 2009

did you ever
feel like you were
home plate?
while the key players
hit home runs
or foul balls
or strike one-two-threes,
running in circles all
around you?
but you couldn't
run with them
because you were
staying the course,
waiting for the next
full body slide
or on the flip side
the leaps and bounding
that come from
did you ever
wonder when
someone would
ask you how
your day went
and then listen
to the answer?
did you ever
want to run
those bases, too,
taking chances,
maybe even
being the hero?
did you ever
feel like
if you one day
just fell asleep
and didn't wake up
that no one would
notice until
they got hungry
for dinner?
did you ever feel
tired for no reason
in particular,
wilting from
pitcher, pitcher,
watch where
you wipe your feet.
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